Our Story

Welcome to our wonderful world of ‘paper goods & printed happiness’ inspired by nature, folk art & printed ephemera collected from our travels around the world!

Our studio is packed with vintage artwork, found objects, antique book presses & printing equipment, all of which is put to good use in the design of a new product.

Our Story....

In 1999 Darrell exhibited a wall of hand made notebooks as the centerpiece of his graduation show at The Royal College of Art. The books were made by hand out of various papers he had collected over the two years of his course, these included envelopes, scrap papers and even unwanted artwork that had been donated by fellow students and destined for the recycling bin.

It seemed a ‘waste’ not to make use of this ephemeral collection and so Darrell set about constructing them into sketchbooks for his own use. By the time of his graduation show he had amassed quite a number of books, and put together on a clean white wall of the exhibition, he realized he had created an appealing product.  

Darrell thought he might sell a few of the books at his private view, but interest from some of the worlds most prominent stylists and buyers led to something far bigger than he had ever imagined. When the home store Habitat placed an order for 24,000 of these ‘rescued paper notebooks’ Darrell accepted the order and then set about solving the problem of how he was going to make them...

Joining forces with his then girlfriend (now wife!) Julia, the couple travelled to India to talk to some contacts that Julia had gained while working in the buying teams for Stationery & Gift at stores Liberty and House of Fraser. The books were modified, allowing them to be made and bound simply using the minimum of processes, using papers sourced from end of print runs and packaging from factories and book binders in Delhi, paper that would usually be discarded or pulped was ‘rescued’ and made into the ‘rescued paper notebooks’ we still sell today.

It was from these simple beginnings that the company SUKIE was born, Darrell and Julia continue to innovate new styles of notebook using original printing techniques such as screen printing, all using either FSC approved, recycled or ‘rescued’ papers. Inspiration comes from the couple’s vast collection of reference books and ephemera, mostly picked up in flea markets and second hand bookstores. Their studio is packed with such items, as well as antique book presses and printing equipment, all of which is put to good use in the creation of a new product. They have also taken their love of printing to other mediums such as printed textiles, homewares and fashion. They have worked on commissions with some of the world’s most well known brands and their designs can be bought in some of the most prestigious stores in over 20 countries around the world.