EU Customers

Dear European customers,

We are so sad that we have now left the EU, if you have spoken to us or met us at a trade show you will know that this is not something we voted for and we feel very upset at the whole situation.

But... we can still sell to your shop, and we hope you will continue to buy from us. We are now familiar with the new rules and charges as explained here:

  1. You need an EORI number which is usually slightly different from your tax number.  We need to put this on the shipping label and cannot send your order without it (we tried and it didn't work!)
  2. Your order is then shipped from the UK and when it arrives in the EU and clears customs you will be contacted by DPD by text or email and asked to pay:
  • €5 customs clearance charge
  • Tax on the order (at the rate set by your country - and which can be reclaimed on your sales)
  • Duty, if owed (for reference duty is 0% on paper goods, other items are listed on our delivery page)

Although this is extra paperwork, hopefully the only extra cost you will be paying is the €5 customs charge and possibly a small amount for duty.


Please note, if you do not make the payment for the customs clearance and tax within 5 days, the order will be returned to us in the UK.  This incurs substantial charges for us which we will be obliged to pass on, so please keep track of your delivery!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try and help!

Best wishes,